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Subject: Doug and Me - 3This is a true story involving boy/boy sex. If this offends you-please
leave this site!! If you are under the age of 18, or if this is against
the laws of your state/country/province etc., leave also.To all those guys that have already written to me and told me what they
think, thanx guys I appreciate the encouragement.. there are a few more
chapters to come, and I hope you enjoy them just as much!!With all that said-- please read and enjoy.
Send any comments/constructive criticisms to the above address.
Doug and Me
Chapter 3The plan was to meet that afternoon for a BBQ with underaged nudist girls his family, I had a good
relationship with his whole family, especially his mother. I'm sure she
must have realized what was going on, if not between Doug and myself, she
must at least have realized that I was gay, but like all mothers, never
said a word. Her and I spend hours talking about everything and nothing in
particular, often the two of us would be in the kitchen, she'd be washing
the dishes and I would dry and pack them away. I always enjoyed my time
with his underage little cunts
family, I sometimes felt more welcome with them than I did with my
own family. Even when Doug and I were alone, the subject of what happened
earlier in the little models underage
morning never came up, I think both of us were avoiding it.His parents had some or other church function to attend that evening and
his brother and sister also had their plans. We were alone again, although
I valued every moment I underage adult star had alone with him, I dreaded what was about to
come. He was taking a piss and I was in the kitchen washing a glass, the
next thing I felt his arm wrap around my waist. I nearly dropped the glass
I was washing. He took it out of my hand and placed it into the drying
rack 12958 underage
and turned me around. I'm sure he could see the confusion and fear in
my eyes, because he put his hands on the sides of my face, as if in a
reassuring gesture, the expression on his face was one of concern and
tenderness he pulled me forward for a kiss, our lips met and my eyes
closed, again I was captivated in his spell and I couldn't stop myself. He
took my hand and led me to his bedroom, we would be alone for a few hours
and I could tell that he was going to make the best of it.We walked into the bedroom and he turned to face me, again he pulled me
forward and our lips met. Our lips gently touching each other, as his
tongue pressed against my lips, I opened my mouth to accept it, our tongues
began to play with each other as he moved his hands to unbutton my shirt,
he moved his hands up my chest and over my shoulder to drop the shirt to
the floor. His hands moved back to my chest and his fingers found my
already erect nipples, as he pinched them, I moved my hands to unbutton his
shirt and drop it to the floor as well. We caressed each others chests and
fondled each others nipples, we both moved our hands down to undo each
others belts and remove our trousers, they dropped to the floor around our
ankles, our feet did a little dance to kick off our shoes and step out of
the trousers. Our cocks were both fully erect and bursting to get out of
the confines of our underpants, we broke our kiss and removed our
underpants.Standing naked in front of each other, we stepped back looking each other
over; it was the first time we'd actually had enough time to stop and study
each other's bodies. I was about 6' taller than him, since our last time
together, during my short period of time in the army I had grown nearly a
foot, but he had a better build than mine, his muscles were better defined
than mine, in fact one could hardly believe that I actually had any, I may
have grown in length, but the army hadn't done anything to help me build up
and muscles. Our cocks were both pointing north, he stepped forward again
and ground his cock into mine placing them together as if to compare sizes.
I was a bit bigger in that department though, he was about 6 1/2 inches,
and I was about an inch bigger, I was also considerably thicker than him,
his cock curved off to the left, whereas mine stood straight. Considering
my "late blooming", I was surprised. He put his arms around my neck and
pulled me forward for another kiss, he backed up and moved us toward the
bed without breaking the kiss and lay back onto the bed. I moved over him
and between his legs.I broke off kissing his lips and moved down to his neck. Kissing and
licking I worked my way down to his chest until I found his nipple, I
sucked and gently nibbled on each one in turn until they were both standing
erect and hard. He had the smallest nipples I had ever seen, they were so
sexy. underage 12 porno I continued my quest to find his manly treasure, stopping at his
navel, he let out a chuckle as I licked it, obviously this was a ticklish
area for him, I made a mental note. I kissed underage bbs links a trail down his warpath
until I felt his cock pressing against the side of my cheek, he was seeping
and I felt his sticky juice against underaged nudist girls
my cheek. I buried my nose into his
pubic hair as I breathed in his manly smell, licking around the base of his
cock, my tongue found his balls. I opened my mouth and took one into my
mouth and rolled it around on my tongue, he moaned as I moved across to the
other and did the same. My fingers were still playing with both his
nipples, he continued his soft low groans, as I moved my mouth back up the
underside of his shaft, stopping to lick the underside where the shaft and
the head meet. His mushroom head was glowing with all the sticky precum
that was coating it, I licked around the head and savored the taste of his
lube juice, lapping it up with my tongue as it seeped out of his piss slit.
I wrapped my lips around kinky sex underage his head and continued to move my tongue around
it, he arched his back and pushed his hips forward in a thrust motion. As
I lowered my head down ant took his shaft deeper down my throat, he placed
his hands on the back of my head as if to guide me down, his cock pressed
against the back of my throat. His groans became louder, and I could sense
that he was about to shoot his load. It was too soon, I quickly lifted my
head and let his cock slide out of my mouth and slap back onto his stomach.I needed to see how far he would let me free underage tits go, I released my grip on his
nipples and brought my arms under his legs and lifted them up and slightly
further apart opening the road to his chute. I licked my way down his
crack and to my surprise, he lifted his knees up to his chest clearing the
way for me totally. My tongue found his man hole and I started flicking my
tongue around his entrance, his soft groans of pleasure indicated I could
go on. I spread his cheeks further apart and briskly flicked my tongue
around his hole, as I felt it begin to relax, I began to underaged teen pix press my tongue
into him and slowly began to fuck him with my tongue. Holding me by the
back of my head, he lifted his pelvis a little further of the bed, he
groaned his words of encouragement and softly he begged me to fuck him. He
was well lubed with my spit by then, so I spat into my hand and rubbed it
onto my cock head making it slippery, I repositioned myself between his
legs and moved forward as he lifted his pelvis once again, I moved in and
pressed my head against his tightly clenched littel underage porn hole.I looked up at his face, his eyes were closed and there was an expression
of pleasure. I increased the pressure but there was lots of resistance to
my pending invasion. I kissed him and whispered for him to relax. As I
felt him relax his ass, I started my entry and managed to press my head in
past the first gate. I looked into his face, his eyes were still closed
and screwed up and the expression of pain was clear, I stopped the pressure
and waited for the pain he must have been experiencing to underage bbs links
subside. underage sex pussy He
moved his hands onto my hips and slowly started pulling me forward, I
whispered words of encouragement into his ear as he pulled me further and
further into him. As I erotica underage photos slipped through the second portal his pulling me
forward and my pushing resulted in me burying underage bbs links myself to the hilt. He let
out a guttural groan of pain, I held him close and pleaded "sorry, sorry,
do you want me to pull out"? He answered me by holding my hips and pulling
me closer. As the pain subsided, I slowly started my retreat until I was
almost all the way out, then I changed direction and just as slowly started
my descent again. I picked up the pace when I felt his hips move to build
up a rhythm with me. I could feel the sensation building up inside my
balls, and knew it wouldn't be much longer before I planted my load of seed
deep inside his bowels.My pace picked up and he met me on every stroke as my hips slapped into his
butt cheeks. I could hold back no more and plunged as far into him as I
could go and my balls began to empty their load. My whole body erupted
with the most glorious orgasm I have ever experienced, it felt as if I
would never stop cumming. Load after load entered deep inside him as my
body quivered with wave after wave of electric pulse. I collapsed on top
of him, I could feel the wetness on his chest and realized that he had also
cum on his chest and stomach. We kissed with all the passion we could
muster, each one trying to ingest the underaged teens thumbs
other. We lay together in silence, I
was still deep inside not having gone limp.The silence littel underage porn was broken by the sound of a car door slamming closed and a
garage door being opened. Clark Kent would have been impressed with the
speed that we took to dress, including the socks and shoes. By the time
that his mother popped her head around the door to tell us they were home,
we were lying on the floor playing Trivial Pursuit. We looked up at her
and feigned surprise, as she left the room we both erupted into laughter.He spent next few days with his family, and I only saw him again 2 days
later when he was bidding me farewell at the station as I underage girls nudephotos
was leaving for
my base once again. I was still floating fucking underaged
on a cloud, I hadn't come back to
earth since we made love. I spent the next few hours on the train,
recollecting the events of the week. Maybe it was just his way of
indicating his fear of coming out, and he did actually love me, heaven
knows I was also scared of the prospect. I dreamed of the future we would
have together, and realized how intense my love for him had become.Please e-mail me and let me know what you think, Comments/criticism to
fablerhotmail.comCome back again for chapter 4.
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